Paoletti Masonry

908-940 Commissioners Road East,London,Ontario (519)659-2724

Expert chimney repair and rebuilding.

Qualified,experienced building repair,including tuckpointing,brick replacement,brick repair,and E.I.F.S stucco over damaged but sound brickwork.


Q-do you have liability insuarance?

A-yes,Paoletti Masonry has $1 000 000 liability insurance.

Q-are you listed with B.B.B.?

A-yes,Paoletti Masonry has an A+ rating.

Q-is your work guaranteed?

A-yes,Paoletti Masonry offers a two year written guarantee.

Q-are your employees covered by workers compensation?

A-yes,Paoletti Masonry has an account with W.S.I.B. and can provide clearance certificates.

Q-do you install natural gas venting?

A-no,only a heating and cooling contractor registered with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority can legally and safely install natural gas venting.